We love children, we’ve got 3 of our own.

We also love messing around with materials and experimenting with making something out of nothing. We love making a mess but we hate clearing it up (we always seem to run out of time for that bit). And we love having something wonderful to show for our time at the end. But, as easy as some people make it appear (etsy we’re looking at you), in reality we all know it’s just not.

With your offspring in your arms or round your feet it takes organisation, preparation, the ability to find the scissors and being able to ignore the washing that’s been (potentially) hanging around for days.

So here at The Socials we want to do all that hard stuff for you. Bring your child and come and play with us and we’ll help you enjoy a few hours with like minded people and you’ll have something lovely to take home at the end. Essentially you’ll get something nice done! An elusive feeling in the face of a teeny baby and/or weetabix cemented to the floor.

If you haven’t had your baby yet, join our bump social sessions where we’ll help you meet new friends and get prepared for your new arrival.

e: kate@thesocials.co.uk

t: 07757 561 107

The Socials are based in Kings Heath, Birmingham